Games Set in the South Pacific

No need to wash that man right out of your hair when you can play games set in the great South Pacific!

First settled over 40,000 years ago, the 30 island nations that make up the South Pacific Islands are a wealth of natural resources and proud cultural heritages. Known by many as paradise vacation spots, the islands are also known for their world class scuba diving and surfing.

Here are some board games set in the islands of the South Pacific.



Players attempt to settle the new land formed by volcanic eruptions.

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Set out in your canoe to gather the most coconuts, taro, bananas, spices, and fish to bring back to your village.

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Hotel Samoa


As the hotel manager, you’re seeking to give the tourists the best vacation of their lives, and relieve them of as much of their money as possible.

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An action programming game that sees you balancing tourists, natural resources, currency, and rare items to win.

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A tile-laying game in which you set sail to spread your tribe amongst the islands of French Polynesia.

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Tongo Island


Racing around the island sea-routes can be tricky in this 2009 Spiel de Jahres Kinderspiel Nominee game.

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A tile-laying game where players explore and settle new islands.

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In 1777, European traders seek to make the best deals with local tribes.

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Maybe we can’t be sure where Robinson was stranded, but given how much I like this solo game, I’m including it anyway.

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