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New Board Game Kickstarter Teases Playtesting as Potential Stretch Goal

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Kickstarted in under two hours, Zombies in Space promises exciting card-driven combat, hand-painted minis, and a $500,000 stretch goal: several hours of legitimate playtesting.

“The Kickstarter has been going really well, even better than we hoped,” says Jim Blakely, CEO of Minis’n’Meeps. “We smashed all our stretch goals right out the gate. 172 unique minis, gorgeous original artwork, and one of the most badass Kickstarter videos Minis’n’Meeps has ever produced. So we got to thinking: what’s next?” Blakely laughs. “It was this or metal dice. We flipped a coin.”

The newest stretch goal, over 25 times the original funding target, promises two full hours of “action-packed playtesting”.

Zombies in Space is Minis’n’Meeps’ third campaign-based miniature skirmish game, with over 40 three hour scenarios. “Every time you play is a totally unique experience,” says Blakely. “At least, that’s what the guy in our video says. We just sent him 3D renders of the minis and let him go for it.”

“He did a great job,” Blakely adds.

Zombies in Space is on Kickstarter until April 1.

“Who knows?” Blakely shrugs. “If we get enough support, we may even write some rules.”

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Kurt Refling

Kurt Refling is the former curator of Ottawa board game café Monopolatte. When not playing an egregious amount of board games, Kurt spends his time swing dancing, cooking, and pretending there are more hours in the day than there really are.


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  • Having read the previous article about Keyforge, I quickly figured out this entry was a spoof (biggest hint- #satire). However, given the intermittently sordid history or KS and some high profile failures/scams, this came off as less humorous than I found comfortable. Unfortunately, there are “creators” out there who really have no business taking people’s money, and KS wants nothing to do with vetting them as long as they collect their 10%.

    Five years on and I’m still waiting on the fulfillment for a project similar to the one described above.

    Yep, definitely less funny after the first read.

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