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Fantasy Flight Announces “Unique” Boardgame Collections

Hot off the success of their “Unique Games” releases of Discover and KeyForge, Fantasy Flight Games have decided to leverage their new technologies in even bigger ways, helping gamers overcome the rigors and difficulties of curating their own collections.

Unique Game Collections will hit stores in Q4 of 2019, and will allow gamers to buy unique, procedurally-generated collections of boardgames. No longer will gamers have to scour the internet for reviews and top 10 lists. Instead, they can simply purchase a whole collection that no other gamer will have!

Fantasy Flight estimates that there are 68.3 billion different collections possible using their Unique system. And sure, they won’t all be winners, but they will be 100% unique to you. Said FF spokeswoman Allison Diaz: “Yes, you may end up with 40 games that are all different versions of Munchkin, but no other gamer in the world will have that uniquely-curated collection, and we believe that’s where the true value lies.”

Project lead Richard Garfield went on to elaborate: “Sure, some people may be overjoyed to find Twilight Imperium and Food Chain Magnate in their collections, while others might be less-than-thrilled to receive Monopoly Zelda and Trump: the Game. The important thing, though, is what each gamer is able to do with that collection. To me, there’s far more skill involved with a gamer getting his friends to the table to play Trump: the Game than there is Twilight Imperium. Anyone can get people to play that. This system will level the playing field for all collectors and provide endless, varying challenges.”

Pre-orders are available now on the Fantasy Flight webstore. MSRP is $3,141 and each Unique Collection comes with 40 procedurally-chosen games.

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