Action / Dexterity Board Games

Action/dexterity games require players to utilize their own physical attributes, particularly hand-eye-coordination, to play. Typically players are expected to achieve a precise physical task, often with a time limit. Rules are often light, since the focus is not on strategy but raw ability. Most gamers are familiar with this format because of traditional games such as Tiddlywinks, Crokinole, and Jenga. Modern updates include Pitchcar and Flick ‘Em Up!

Paku Paku Game Review

Pandas eat a lot, and they’re apparently not fond of washing the dishes. At least, that’s what publisher Ravensburger would have you believe in Paku...

Tiny Ninjas: Tournament

Join Brody as he faces off against his family and friends with some great fast and fun dexterity games in Tiny Ninjas: Tournament by 2niverse Games.

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