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They once ruled the world, now they can rule your gaming table. Check out our list of Dinosaur games!

About 240-ish million years ago, the Earth saw the first of a new type of terrestrial vertebrate. Some with wings, some roaming on two legs, other on four, these creatures built nests to lay their eggs. They also adapted to their environment as needed: some grew long, razor-sharp teeth, others developed shielding armor, some ate vegetation, others ate meat.

These creatures, dinosaurs, as they were named by Sir Richard Owen in 1841 (meaning “Terrible Lizard”) existed on every continent. They truly ruled the world.

Humans have been fascinated with dinosaurs since the first fossil was discovered—the Chinese first thought they were the bones of dragons. The modern day fixation with dinosaurs has been sparked by Michael Critchton’s 1990 novel Jurassic Park and the subsequent CGI-fest film franchise. 

You can see the popularity of that franchise reflected in some of the games on this list.

Unlock! Exotic Adventures


You’re private eyes, hired to find a missing person who was last seen with a mysterious Professor heading off on an adventure to a hidden valley…yeah, that kind of valley.

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Dino Race


A tile-laying race to the finish featuring some of the cutest dinomeeples out there.

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A clever set collection card game with origami-style dinosaur art.

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Happy Little Dinosaurs


Avoid three types of disasters, natural, predatory, and emotional, to outscore (or outlive!) your fellow dinosaurs.

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