Meet Cheryl

Cheryl - Artist i Photography

What makes an artist?

What makes a good photographer exceptional?

What makes a family portrait so special?

What makes wedding photos exceptional and out of the ordinary?

My art, whether on paper as a watercolor or as a photograph, comes from within my heart and soul. It’s is always an extension of who I am. I am a person who loves life and people: one who soaks up the joy of relationships, values the blessings in each day, appreciates the enviroment surrounding me and lives with intent and passion.

My relationships with people are the enriching key to my success as a photographer. For me, my art is all about documenting life as it unfolds: the joyful moments of children laughing while having a tea party, the curves of a beautiful mother, the quiet interludes before saying “I do”, the expressions of family bonds. It’s the zeal and passion with which I approach photography that stimulates my creativity to capture the essence of “who” you are.

I grew up with a family that liked each other , played together (and still do!) and spent all the major holidays together. So, I have inherited thousands of family photos which I treasure because they document my heritage, events and people who have made me who I am. Taking portraits of families and children is so very special for me because I’m capturing the moments with photographs that some one will someday treasure as much as I value mine.